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The Counselors: Conversations With 18 Courageous Women Who Have Changed The World
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Format: Hardcover
ISBN: 0762412151
ISBN-13: 9780762412150
Publisher: Running Press
Release Date: February, 2002
Length: 256 Pages
Weight: 1.16 pounds
Dimensions: 9.32 X 6.29 X 1.05 inches
Language: English

The Counselors: Conversations With 18 Courageous Women Who Have Changed The World

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Customer Reviews
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In my own time and in my own life, I have witnessed a revolution. Sandra Day O'Connor Meet the women of the revolution. The women of The Counselors have faced overwhelming opposition with astounding determination and integrity. Each believe in helping other women, and each of them has a host of experiences and advice from which y...
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Customer Reviews

  The Counselors is a must read

I found this book to be inspirational. The author gives the reader insights to these truly courageous women that cannot be found elsewhere. This book would make a great gift to a recent college/grad school graduate or to anyone who realizes the importance of mentoring.
  A great Read.

Ms. Vrato has wriitten a great book. This narrative was captivating and quite informative.I could not put it down.Ms. Vratos writing style allows the text to flow gracefully.In my opinion this book should be standard reading material for all high school students.

Mike W

  Mentoring is the Point

The last reviewer missed the point. The author's book is not about politics or women's issues. It is a book about mentoring. The reader is supposed to imagine what would happen if you were having a cup of coffee with each of these women to ask them how each "made it." The book provides great access to these women and will be helpful to young women starting out, especially lawyers.
  "Profiles in Courage for women"

The book portrays remarkable women in a very real and intimate way. The wisdom shared by these women is invaluable and the conversation format made it tangible to readers of all ages.

I feel the reader from Chicago who didn't like The Counselors didn't get the point of the book. The point is that the author asked the women interviewed what they wanted to tell others and put it in a book. It's not supposed to be new information and it's not supposed to be delivered with a critical eye.

  The Real World

I enjoyed reading about what some really prominent women have to say about their work and about other things that matter to them--The stories were entertaining, sometimes outrageous--I liked it as pop culture chatting and as history--Truth is stranger than fiction! Plus there were some things presented that I think I can use going forward.