Literacy-Driven Philanthropy

Thrift Books, the largest online used bookseller in the United States, is dedicated to using its resources to reach out to people far beyond its customers - by donating books to promote learning through worldwide literacy. Thrift Books believes that everyone should be given the opportunity to learn to read and write and that these skills can be used to better the lives of individuals and families and to shape the future of communities worldwide.

Recognizing that approximately one quarter of the world’s adult population is illiterate, Thrift Books has partnered with several not-for-profit organizations to provide books for distribution to underdeveloped countries. These books are the valuable and necessary learning tools for men, women and children who are conquering illiteracy. With the help of its numerous charitable partners, and the participation of its third party sellers, Thrift Books has currently donated over 1 million books - and that number keeps growing.

Thrift Books was created with the goal of giving people worldwide access to books and with the hopes of bringing the joy and benefit of reading to as many people possible. A broad distribution of books is essential in addressing illiteracy - one of the world’s most urgent educational problems. Since its start in a small storage unit in Kirkland, Washington, Thrift Books has become the largest online book seller of cheap used books in the United States and has donated over 1 million books to those in need.

To most effectively distribute books in underdeveloped countries, Thrift Books has partnered with numerous not-for-profit organizations dedicated to promoting literacy, including Wings of the Dawn International Institute for Children, Books for Africa, Myanmar Book Aid and World Vision. Through their joint efforts, Thrift Books’ books have reached a global audience, including men, women and children in countries including Mozambique, Nigeria, the Gambia and Burma.

Read our Press Release: Thrift Books Celebrates 1 Million Donated Books To Combat Illiteracy.
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