Thrift Books works in coordination with library systems to help them raise funds by selling their used library books. Since beginning our library partnership program in 2007, Thrift Books has sold more than 200,000 books for library systems and distributed over $300,000 in profits to these partners.

Thrift Books has five years of experience selling books and is now one of the largest used booksellers on the internet.  It currently has many longstanding relationships with libraries and offers both long and short term opportunities to partners.  Thrift Books’ size and technology allow it to have some of the lowest costs in the industry.  These savings are passed on to Thrift Books’ partners in the form of higher returns.


Through a partnership with Thrift Books your former books are placed in a market place that offers a wider selection, more competitive prices, and easier access than any physical store. Tent sales are costly and require months of effort and planning.  With Thrift Books’ free and easy program, just pack the books in boxes and ship them to Thrift Books. Thrift Books’ library partnership program offers custom storefronts on their website through which every former library book from a particular library system is listed and proceeds directly benefit the donor library.  Thrift Books will create the page for you, host it on their servers, and perform any necessary maintenance—all at no cost to you.  Books purchased directly from your personalized Thrift Books webpage are not subject to third party seller fees thus providing you with higher profits.
In addition to listing your items on your personalized Thrift Books webpage, your books will be listed on all major internet booksellers including Amazon, Alibris, AbeBooks, and Half along with many of their international affiliates.  Thrift Books’ proprietary software will ensure that your book is competitively priced and is listed prominently when a potential book buyer is searching for that particular book.

The opportunity to easily list your books online will dramatically increase the likelihood of selling unusual and difficult-to-find books. Your books will be placed on a market of hundreds of millions of potential customers worldwide. In fact, unique books are often easier to sell and usually receive a much higher price.
Partnerships with Thrift Books can be used to either replace or supplement existing book sales and book donations by your library.  Many of Thrift Books’ partners continue to utilize temporary book sales or sale tables, often in conjunction with local organizations.

The library partnership program is designed to be flexible and allow you to list as many or as few books online as you would like.

Thrift Books’ goal is to return the greatest amount of revenue back to their partners so the libraries can decide how the funds will be used. Library partners have used the money raised for capital improvements, purchasing new library books, supporting literacy programs, and much more.  Thrift Books’ accounting department is committed to providing timely and regular payment to its profit-sharing library partners.

An Example

One of Thrift Books' partnerships is with our local King County Library System Foundation. The KCLS Foundation provides support for literacy programs conducted by the King County Library System, which is currently the second largest circulating library in the United States.  Above is a caption from the Foundation's latest newsletter highlighting our partnership.   You can visit the personalized page we created for the KCLS Foundation at .

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